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Ice Hockey World Championship 2011

Ice Hockey World Championship 2011
Slovakia post issued a set of stamps to commemorate Ice Hockey World Championship 2011. When the Congress of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) during the IIHF World Championship 2006 in Riga, Latvia, decided to hold the 2011 World Championship in Slovakia, certainly, many hockey fans were delighted, but the officials were facing a difficult task – to provide for a presentable ice hockey stadium in Bratislava.
Based on various proposals, a solution to reconstruct the original ice rink at Tehelné Pole with a completion date by the end of 2010 was chosen. World-class hockey players will be playing in Bratislava and Košice from 29 April to 15 May, which means that the World Ice Hockey Championship is to be held in the country under the Tatra Mountains.

Slovak candidacy received 70 votes, while the Swedish one only 20 and the Hungarian one 14 votes. The last time our country received such an honour was sixteen years ago, but at that time it was a lower category, namely Group B World Cup. Since then, a lot has happened in the hockey world and even Slovaks contributed significantly to the history of the fastest collective game. In 2000 they became the world vice-champions and won silver medals.

Title: Ice Hockey World Championship 2011
Date of Issue: 25 March 2011
Country: Slovakia
Denominations: 0.40 €, 0.50 €

Source: www.pofis.sk

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