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Important Buddhist Religious Day (Visakhapuja Day)

Thai post issued a set of postage stamps to pay homage to the Lord Buddha and to publicize the important Buddhist Religious Day (Visakhapuja Day).

The Pari Nirvana Shrine is one of four Holy Places of Buddhism. It is the place where the Lord Buddha entered the state of Pari Nirvana. The shrine is located in the city of Kushinagar, now located in the state of Uttrapradesh in India. The shrine is in the shape of in inverted bowl; the top is a blunt structure decorated with three tiered-umbrellas. A maha Parin Nirvana Vihan building is located at the front, sharing the same base as the shrine. Inside is a Buddha statute in the attitude of Entering Pari Nirvana, which is reclining image lying on its right side.

Title: Important Buddhist Religious Day (Visakhapuja Day)
Date of Issue: 28 May 2010
Country: Thailand
Denominations: 3.00 Bath

Source: www.thailandpost.com

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