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INDIPEX 2011 – Special Khadi stamp

INDIPEX 2011 - Special Khadi stampIndia Post on the occasion of INDIPEX 2011 is bringing out a special Khadi stamp of Mahatma Gandhi to commemorate the event.

The stamp will be unique as it will be printed on “Khadi”, the handspun cotton material that Gandhi Ji held as the symbol of self determination and self reliance.

The Presentation Pack will be released by Smt. Pratibha Patil, the President of India on Saturday 12th February 2011 at INDIPEX 2011, the World Philatelic Exhibition being held in New Delhi, the capital of India.

Special Khadi Stamp – Presentation Pack

The Special Khadi Stamp will be available during the exhibition at the venue, as a Presentation Pack which will also include a miniature sheet.

The Presentation Pack is priced at Rs. 250 only and a maximum of 10 stamps can be ordered by a single person.

Orders for this special stamps can be placed by writing directly to Mr A.S. Kala or pre-ordering them online.

Outstation orders will be sent by Speedpost for which necessary charges will apply.

The deliveries would start from 12th February 2011.

The Presentation Pack will be available at the venue, but its better to book your copy in advance.

The order can be placed online and the Pack collected at the venue by making a direct payment.

Simply fill the Pre-Order Form below and choose this as the Mode of Delivery.

Carry the copy of the Confirmation Mail that you receive along with the full payment of the amount Rs 250/- only for each Presentation Pack you order, and collect your Pack.

Source: India Post



    Today I`ve received my delivery of pre-ordered Khadi stamps in a badly mauled cover with its left side fully ripped & open. Surprisingly all the 10 miniature sheets are intact. Given the condition of the polylined enveloped thank my stars nothing dropped out from the cover damaged so badly.

  2. shiv shankar tripathi

    i had a very bad impression from the indipex secretariat. My payment for the khadi stamp was cleared on 9th feb 2011. But till date i have not recieved it. When repeated reminders over mail and telephone were of no avail I went to dak bhawan today. To my surprise almost everybody was sitting idle in the philately department or the WPE and started giving excuses. It seemed that they were highly engrossed into ccorruption and making use of public money. the height was that even in delhi they said it will take some days when they will be sending me the package. I have heard that there are many such complains about the khadi stamp and my stamp.

    • Special Stamps ?
      Two Special Covers on 300 years of Banda Bahadur’s battle were sent to Chief PMG Mumbai and Punjab. Mumbai approved the Cover, Punjab gave NO reply to 9 communications and a personal meeting.
      Just before the Cover’s release, Khanna CPMG Punjab, got the release cancelled in Pune through the India Post HQ, New Delhi. The order was later reversed and Cover released. Banda spent 25 years in MP State, 20 years in Maharashtra, and the reamaining years in Panjab; Khanna’s kind have balkanised thinking that every state cannot commemorate an event which he thinks is Punjab specific.
      Secretary Postal Deptt. did not reply to complaint against CPMG Punjab.
      At the bottom, believe me India Post has many dedicated postmen and post officers !

  3. i want the INDIPEX 2011 – Special Khadi stamp, how i would get it? and for how much amount?

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