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INDONESIA 2012 - world stamp competetion

INDONESIA 2012 – International philately Exhibition

Philatelists Association of Indonesia along with the support of Federation of Internationale de Philatelie had organized the World Stamp Competition nicknamed “INDONESIA 2012” from 18 to 24 June 2012 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

“Indonesia 2012” is expected to become the largest philatelic exhibition ever held in Indonesia.

Theme of Indonesia 2012

The show themed “Bridging the World of Peace Through Stamp” is to inspire the effort of world societies in achieving the eternal peace all over the world.

More and more we realize that stamp has changed its track from merely a mean of showing payment of mail delivery to valuable collectible items.

Earlier, Indonesia has successfully conducted philatelic exhibitions in Asia-Pacific three times, namely “Indopex ’93” in Surabaya (1993), “Jakarta ’95” in Jakarta (1995), and “Jakarta 2008” in Jakarta (2008).

Indonesia has also been a world philatelic exhibition organizers specifically for teens class “Indonesia ’96” in Bandung (1996).


INDONESIA 2012 - world stamp competetion
Pigeons are known as a symbol of peace as well as a reliable courier letter was carrying an envelope.

All around there are plants that represent the ecosystem that we must protect. Entirely described by the batik style.


INDONESIA 2012 - world stamp competetion
The mascot of INDONESIA 2012 is respresented by a prehistoric reptile species called Komodo (Varanus Komodoensis).

The endangered species first lived during the time of dinosaurus millions of years ago and amazingly has survived until today on the island of Komodo, as well as neighbouring island of Rinca, Padar and West Flores of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

The mascot shows a Komodo Wearing ‘kain tenunan ikat’ or local traditional hand-woven material and holding a magnifying glass.

The Organizers
The Organizers Secretariat of INDONESIA 2012
Kantor Filateli Jakarta JI.Pos No.2
Jakarta 10710 Indonesia
Telephone & Fax.: +62-21 –3518710
E-mail: filatelis_indonesia@yahoo.com

Federation of Internationale de Philatelie


  1. I am a dealer from the United States interested in attending Indonesia 2012. Can you send me a list of the dealers that are registered for the show and possibly the layout of booths and each dealer’s location on the show floor?

    Will there be any auctions held during the show, and if so, on what dates?

    Thank you.

    Alex Schauss
    Schauss Philatelics
    Tacoma, Washington state (not D.C.)

    • i`m dealer from thailand ,i sent a lot of email to exhibition
      i don`t know why no one not answer me yet
      so i`ll coming in 17 jun so i hope i own understand what happening there

      hamed stamp
      thailand bangkok

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