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International Lefthanders Day postage stamp

International Lefthanders Day postage stamp

The Croatian Post Mostar has issued a postage stamp to commemorate the International Lefthanders Day appearing on 13th of August every year.

According to expert evaluations the number of people that use their left hand more in the past one hundred years has increased for about four times and today around 12% to15% of the world’s population are left-handed people.

International Lefthanders Day

The International lefthanders Day, which was established in the USA in 1976, draws attention to the obstacles that left-handed people are faced with.

Children’s predisposition of greater usage of one hand, either the left or right, manifests up until they are five years old.

International Lefthanders Day postage stamp

The number of exclusive lefthanders is very small, because most people have equally learned how to use their right hand as well, by means of special brain structure.

With right- handed people the sides of their brain are developed in a way that their left side controls their right side of their body.

Whereas with left-handed people their brain sides are equally developed, but have more nerve fiber that is essential for a faster transfer of information in between the left and right side.

International Lefthanders Day 2015 FDC

The Left-Handers Club, established in Great Britain in 1990 with the goal to expose mutual needs of lefthanders, has developed into an international organization and advisory center dealing with issues for lefthanders.

The International Lefthanders Day is celebrated in various ways: through sports competitions lefthanders against righthanders, playing darts and pool with their left hand, righthanders are encouraged to try out objects that are intended for left-handed people and similar.

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International Lefthanders Day postage stamp

Title: International Lefthanders Day
Date of Issue: 13 August 2015
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Denominations: : 2,00 BAM

Source: Croatian Post Mostar

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