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International Philatelic Exhibition – Istanbul 2010

Turkish Postal Authority have organized an International Philatelic Exhibition – Istanbul 2010 to be held over 5-15 December , 2010.

They will be displaying a 100-year cross section of the Ottoman and Turkish collections between 1840 and 1940 , a compilation that no one person or even institution can possibly put together. Most of the collections to be exhibited have won gold or grand gold medals at international competitions.

This exhibition alto constitutes proof that the current accomplishments of PTT, the Turkish Postal Authority, which is marking the 170th anniversary of its establishment nowadays , are no accident.

The Postal Administration was undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated institutions of the Ottoman Empire. Our research has established that there were about 3,500 different post offices operating within the Empire. The post offices of the Empire and its natural heir, the Turkish Republic , no doubt witnessed important historical events throughout the world.

All collectors are requested to spare time to visit this unique and probably one-time exhibition over 5-15 December,2010.

For More Information visit: www.istanbul2010exhibition.com

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