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International Stamp Exhibition PHILANIPPON 2011

International Stamp Exhibition PHILANIPPON 2011
Japan post have organized an international stamp exhibition intended to promote international friendship through cultural exchange and to develop philately in Japan. The exhibition is held at the Pacifico Yokohama in Japan in from July 28.
2011 International Stamp Exhibition in Japan, is expected to handle the animation and the world. In honor of this cultural history of Japanese animation what epoch, regardless of age gained popularity, and trying to work this time stamp designs popular in the world.

(A) (6) – Astro Boy
Is produced in their own hands the authorship Tezuka Osamu, 1963 (1963) is Japan’s first domestically produced anime television began in the year. Is also broadcast around the world are popular. Several times thereafter, in addition to the new animated TV series, 2009 (2009) has since been published in many countries, including Japan movie.

(2) (7) – Doraemon
Authorship, Fujiko Fujio F ·. 1979 (1979) in the animated TV is still popular in the air. The “Doraemon” series, a 30-year anniversary, the first pick 30 works, 2011 (2011) to determine the movie version is also published in the spring. Japan now, including the works of the popular children around the world.

(3) (8) Pokemon;
1996 (1996) released in games, the next 1997 (1997), started in television animation. Is still popular movie version to be published and every summer. In September this year, started broadcasting a new animated series, and 2011 (2011) has also determined that the version released in theaters in summer, including Japan and its popularity has spread worldwide .

(4) (9) Hello Kitty;
1974 (1974) developed and designed by Sanrio Co. in the year, 1975 (1975) is a character in product launch was initiated. Currently, products are sold worldwide, is popular for all ages from children to adults.

(5) (10) wildlife cartoon character (partial);
People caricature cartoon birds have been called Japan’s oldest is now 12 years ago – about 700 are produced in the 13th century picture scroll is introduced to the high temple in Kyoto. (10) design is identical to design a symbol of Japan 2011 International Stamp Exhibition.

Title: International Stamp Exhibition PHILANIPPON 2011
Date of Issue: 21 January 2011
Country: Japan
Denominations: 80 yen x 10

Source: http://www.post.japanpost.jp

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