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International Year of Biodiversity – Island

Island post issued a souvenir sheet featuring Biodiversity of Island. The United Nations have proclaimed 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity.

The International Year of Biodiversity is meant to help raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and encourage self sustainable development and community protection against disasters caused by lack of water, the spread of diseases, crop failure and loss of livestock. Almost all ecosystems on earth have been disrupted by human beings.

One fourth of the world‘s fishing stocks are being over fished resulting in closure of fishing grounds with serious social and economic consequences. Changes in the use of land result in decreased precipitation causing desert formation and water shortages. Various new and more powerful methods must be applied in all spheres of human endeavor if the loss of biodiversity is to be halted and a more equitable exploitation of resources achieved.

Title: International Year of Biodiversity – Island
Date of Issue: 16 September 2010
Country: Island
Denominations: 90 ISK x 2

Source: www.postur.is

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