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International Year of Forests – Luxembourg

International Year of Forests - Luxembourg
2011 has been declared the “International Year of Forests” by the United Nations. This is why the theme selected for this year’s Europa stamps series will focus on the “forest” topic.

Forests are vital to the survival of mankind and today require our attention more than ever before. They support life on Earth by protecting soil and water, help stabilize our climate and supply us with energy and natural, durable materials.
Their biodiversity is enormous and their role as the planet’s lungs is undeniable. However, their integrity is increasingly threatened by fire, parasites and diseases caused by climate change, uncontrolled deforestation and air pollution.

Forests cover 34% of Luxembourg’s surface, making the Grand Duchy one of Western Europe’s most wooded territories. These forests are dominated by leafy trees, like the beech and the oak and preserved, to a large degree, in the same state as yesteryear. Luxembourg’s beech groves notably play a vital role as they are becoming rarer in Europe and around the world.

In part over exploited by centuries of pasture creation and the excessive production of charcoal for industry, Luxembourg forests are now managed following the principles of lasting forest management. These principles aim at maintaining a forest’s ecological, economic and social functions. With the goal of preserving the many services that forests provide, it is crucial to protect our forests against threats such as climate change, atmospheric pollution and urban sprawl.

Title: International Year of Forests – Luxembourg
Date of Issue: 17 May 2011
Country: Luxembourg
Denominations: 0,60€, 0,85€

Source: www.pt.lu

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