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Ireland’s National Parks

Ireland's National Parks
Irish Post issued a set of six stamps commemorating Ireland’s national parks. These are Glenveagh National Park in Co Donegal; Ballycroy National Park in Co Mayo; Connemara National Park in Co Galway; the Burren National Park in Co Clare; Wicklow Mountains National Park in Co Wicklow and Killarney National Park in Co Kerry.

Ireland’s exceptional national parks are known for their unrivalled natural beauty, with a wide variety of landscapes, including bogs and grasslands, heaths, woodlands, lakes, hills and valleys. The parks also have many species of flora and fauna, and provide delightfully tranquil surroundings.

The National Parks & Wildlife Service is charged with conserving a range of habitats and species in Ireland. The organisation is responsible for developing the scenic landscapes of the national parks, in an environmentally friendly way, to encourage the public to visit and enjoy them.

Title: Ireland’s National Parks
Date of Issue: 7 June 2011
Country: Ireland
Denominations: 3 x 55c, 3 x 82c

Source: www.irishstamps.ie

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  1. Ireland is a place I want to go one day. It is on my top 10 “have to see place”. This new Ireland stamps set is just another push for me to go there one day. These national parks really looks great, and these stamps manage to convey that.

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