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Jersey Island during Autumn season through stamps

Jersey Island during Autumn season through stamps

Autumn is the prettiest of all seasons and the perfect time to discover Jersey’s natural beauty, fascinating wildlife and delicious local food.

As summer draws closer, the Island’s many landscapes become adorned with rich shades of gold and russet.

Jersey post issued second set of stamps featuring autumn season, as a part of Jersey seasons series showcasing the island of Jersey through the seasons.

Stunning photographs taken by local photographer Andy Le Gresley are featured on the stamps.

Jersey Island during Autumn season

The Island’s landscapes featured on the stamps are:

47p – Country lane near St John’s village

You’re never far from a pretty country lane in Jersey and, in autumn, the Island’s trees and hedgerows swap their lush green leaves for autumnal shades of orange, yellow and brown.

One of twelve parishes, St John is largely a rural community with the parish church as its heart.

57p – Sun through the clouds at Corbiere

One of Jersey’s most iconic landmarks, Corbiere lighthouse is situated on a rock at the Island’s most south westerly point.

It measures 19 metres high and was the first lighthouse in the British Isles to be made of concrete.

64p – Autumn in the sand dunes at St Ouen’s Bay

The sand dune system known as La Mielle de Morville occupies much of St Ouen’s Bay.

Shaped by the sea, this amazing landscape is home to an abundance of flora and fauna and has been designated a ‘Site of Special Interest’ by the States of Jersey.

71p – Stormy day at Noirmont Point

A small island surrounded by water, when Jersey experiences storms, they are usually accompanied by powerful and dramatic waves.

Noirmont Point in the parish of St Brelade is a rock headland and is often subject to these impressive surges.

73p – High tide shore break at St Catherine’s Bay

Jersey’s tides are amongst the highest in the world and the Island almost doubles in size at low tide. St Catherine’s Bay runs from the breakwater and along the east coast for around 1.5 kilometres.

85p – Sunset at the Radio Tower at St Brelade

An observation tower built during the Second World War, the Radio Tower has recently been restored by Jersey Heritage and is now a unique holiday let.

Situated on a cliff top overlooking Corbière lighthouse, the tower is an excellent spot from which to view the west coast’s spectacular sunsets.

95p – Woodland path through St Peter’s Valley

St Peter’s Valley is home to a wealth of plants, trees and wildlife including butterflies, insects and, of course, red squirrels which can often be spotted scurrying up and down the many trees and paths or foraging on the ground for nuts.

£1.25 – Kempt Tower through the beach grass St Ouen

Kempt Tower in St Ouen’s Bay on the west coast of the Island was built in 1834 as a defensive tower. The tower is restored and is now fully equipped as a self-catering property.

Jersey Island during Autumn season through stamps

Title: Jersey Island Autumn season through stamps
Date of Issue: 15 October 2015
Country: Jersey
Denominations: 47, 57, 64, 71, 73, 85, 95, £1.25

Source: Jersey Stamps

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