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RAF Search and Rescue Force stamps

Jersey stamps to celebrate 75 years of the RAF Search and Rescue Force

Jersey post issued six stamps to commemorate the 75 years of the RAF Search and Rescue Force established in 1941.

The six stamps and Souvenir Sheetlet feature dramatic search and rescue scenes created by illustrator, Sharif Tarabay.

Over the years, RAF Search and Rescue has provided a vital service, both in a military context and for civilians who have found themselves in emergency situations.

About RAF Search and Rescue Force service

In 1940, during The Battle of Britain, the British found that they were unprepared for a battle over the sea. It was clear that a better equipped and dedicated service was needed to recover airmen who had ditched or parachuted into the water and return them to their squadrons. As a result, the Air Ministry formed the Directorate of Air Sea Rescue to coordinate rescue efforts.

The Air Sea Rescue Service was officially founded in February 1941 and adopted the motto, ‘The sea shall not have them.’

The Royal Air Force maintains a 24-hour search and rescue service covering the entire UK and waters within the UK search and rescue region. Whilst this service exists primarily to assist military aircrew and personnel in distress, the vast majority of callouts are to assist civilians in trouble, either on land or at sea.

The Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre at RAF Kinloss tasks and co-ordinates all aeronautical SAR activity across the UK Search and Rescue Region, drawing from a wide variety of SAR helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and RAF Mountain Rescue Teams. The UK ARCC also detects and notifies emergency distress beacon alerts worldwide.

RAF Search and Rescue works closely with the civilian emergency services and has produced a technical handbook for anyone working with Search And Rescue helicopters.

RAF Search and Rescue Force

Stamps celebrating 75 years of the RAF Search and Rescue Force

The six stamps in this issue depict specialised search and rescue vessels: a Lockheed Hudson aircraft responding to a distress flare, an air sea rescue high speed launch, a Supermarine Walrus seaplane rescuing two pilots in a dinghy, a Westland Whirlwind helicopter carrying out a winch rescue from a sinking boat, a Westland Wessex helicopter flying above a stormy sea and a Westland Sea King helicopter about to carry out a cliff rescue.

Explore more about RAF Search and Rescue Force (SARF) CLICK HERE

RAF Search and Rescue Force FDC

Title: 75 years of the RAF Search and Rescue Force
Date of Issue: 6 February 2016
Country: Jersey
Denominations: 47, 57, 71, 73, 95, £1.25

Source: Jersey Stamps

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