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Journey of his Holiness Benedict XVI – Vatican

In order to celebrate the historic pastoral journey to the places marked by the earthly life of Jesus, the postage stamp recalling this journey is being released as part of a joint issue with Israel.

The Holy Father Benedict XVI made three pastoral journeys outside Italy in 2009. In March he travelled to Africa for the first time in his pontificate, visiting Cameroun and Angola where he met the Bishops and celebrated Mass with hundreds of thousands of people participating. Of particular significance was his meeting with representatives of the Muslim community of Cameroun.

In May Pope Benedict XVI journeyed to the Holy Land, visiting sites in Jordan, Israel and Palestine. In the seven days of his journey he visited and prayed in the Christian holy sites where he frequently spoke on the theme of peace in the region.

In September His Holiness also visited the Czech Republic. The Cathedral of San Vitus in Prague is depicted on the postage stamp highlighting this visit.

Title: Journey of his Holiness Benedict XVI
Date of Issue: 15 November 2010
Country: Vatican
Denominations: € 0,10, 0,65, 0,85

Source: www.vaticanstate.va

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