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Journey to the West

Journey to the West
Taiwan Post issued fourth sets of stamps on “Journey to the West” to promote understanding about Chinese classical literature.

1. “Swindling Treasures” (NT$5): Golden Horn and Silver Horn of the Lotus Cave dispatched two little demons with the Golden Purple Gourd and the White Jade Vase in their hands to capture Sun Wukong. Sun first transformed himself into an old Daoist priest and conjured up a large purple-gold gourd. He convinced the little demons that the gourd could hold the sky and tricked them into swapping it for their treasures.

2. “Red Boy” (NT$5): Red Boy snatched the monk, taking him off to the Fire Cloud Cave. Sun went to the Goddess of Mercy of the South Sea for help. She tamed Red Boy with five gold rings that bound his head, hands and legs and made him serve as her page Shancai Boy.

3. “Crossing the River on Turtle’s Back” (NT$12): Encountering a gold fish monster at the Tongtian River, Sun went to the Goddess of Mercy in the South Sea for help. After the monster was captured, a big white turtle surfaced to greet the monk and his disciples when they wanted to cross the river. It turned out that the Residence of the River Turtle, where the gold fish monster lived, originally belonged to the turtle. To show gratitude, the turtle carried them across the river.

4. “Achieving Nirvana” (NT$25): After their return, the monk and his disciples presented Emperor Taizong with scriptures and then went before rulai, Tathagata, at Vulture Peak. Tathagata conferred the title of Meritorious and Virtuous Buddha of Zhantan upon the Tang monk, Victorious Fighting Buddha upon the monkey Sun Wukong, Cleanser of the Altars upon the Pigsy, Golden Bodied Arhat upon Sha Wujing, and Naga of the Eight Sections of Heaven upon the horse. All five achieved nirvana.

Title: Journey to the West
Date of Issue: 21 July 2011
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$5, NT$5, NT$12, NT$25

Source: www.post.gov.tw

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