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KOKODA – Australia and Papua New Guinea

Australia–New Guinea joint issue recognizes the shared wartime heritage of the two countries.During the campaign Australian soldiers – displaying courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifi ce – halted the Japanese invasion of Papua and New Guinea on the Kokoda Trail in 1942.

They also forged strong links with Papuans and New Guineans who were affectionately known as “Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels”. These Angels were responsible for faring sick and wounded Australian soldiers to safety. Their contribution to the war effort will never be forgotten.

Today a new generation of Australians, helped by Papua and New Guinean guides, undertake the arduous climb of the Kokoda Trail where their forebears once saw fierce fighting. As a result new links are being forged between two peoples whose wartime heroism is the stuff of legends.

KI.00 – Kokoda Campaign 1942
K1.00 – Kokoda Campaign 1942
K4.65 – Kokoda Isurava Memorial
K4.65 – kokoda Veterans
K1.00 -Kokoda today

Title: KOKODA – Australia and Papua New Guinea
Date of Issue: 20 April 2010
Country: Papua New Guinea
Denominations: KI.00 x 3, K4.65 x 2

Source: www.postpng.com.pg

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