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Latvian Birds Stamps

Latvian Birds Stamps

Latvian post issued a special postage stamps featuring Latvian birds – golden plover and Oriole.

Golden plover (pluvialis apricaria)
This species is fully migratory but may only move short distances in some regions. It breeds from May to August in solitary pairs, adults leaving the breeding grounds before the juveniles between July and August.

The return migration in the spring peaks between April and early-May.

The species feeds in small flocks during the breeding season, but on passage and in winter feeding flocks of tens to thousands of individuals may occur.

The species has suffered minor range contractions due to the cultivation and afforestation of heathlands and is susceptible to very cold winter temperatures and severe weather conditions.

Oriole (Orioles Orioles)
The Eurasian golden oriole or simply oriole is the only member of the oriole family of passerine birds breeding in northern hemisphere temperate regions.

It is a summer migrant in Europe and western Asia and spends the winter season in central and southern Africa.

Golden orioles have an extremely large range with large populations that are apparently stable.

The male is striking in the typical oriole black and yellow plumage, but the female is a drabber green bird. Orioles are shy, and even the male is remarkably difficult to see in the dappled yellow and green leaves of the canopy.

Latvian Birds Stamps

Title: Latvian Birds
Date of Issue: 26 June 2015
Country: Latvia
Denominations: € 0.71, € 1.42

Source: Latvian Post

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