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Lighthouse stamps Australia 2015

Lighthouse stamps Australia 2015

Australia Post issued a set of four Lighthouse stamps to commemorate 100 years of commonwealth management of lighthouses.

The stamps features four lighthouses starting from 19th to 20th centuries. The lighthouses are Cape Byron 1901; Cape Leeuwin 1896; North Reef 1878 and Tasman Island 1906.

Lighthouse stamps Australia

On 1 July 1915 the Commonwealth of Australia officially accepted responsibility for all Australian landfall and coastal lights from state governments.

Today the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is responsible for maintaining navigation aids at some 388 sites around the 59,735 kilometres of coastline.

Cape Byron lighthouse (1901), is situated on the mainland’s easterly point and is the most visited Australian lighthouse.

It is Australia’s most powerful lighthouse, with a light intensity of 2,200,000 cd.

Cape Leeuwin lighthouse (1896), located on the continent’s most south-west point, is Western Australia’s tallest traditional lighthouse.

The lighthouse, besides being a navigational aid, serves as an important automatic weather station. The lighthouse’s buildings and grounds are now vested in the local tourism body.

With a stunning blue backdrop of the ocean meeting the sky the lighthouse appears to glow in white splendour during summer.

North Reef lighthouse (1878) was built on a reef in the Capricorn Group off the Queensland coast. Over the years, sand has accumulated around the structure, forming a small island.

Its construction is unique, having a hollow concrete base that both gives it resistance to the shifting nature of the sandbar and serves as a fresh water tank.

Tasman Island Lighthouse (1906): Australia’s most dramatic lighthouse location is Tasman Island, Tasmania. The cast-iron lighthouse (1906), was prefabricated in England and hauled piece-by-piece up the precipitous 250-metre-high cliffs before being assembled.

It was one of the most isolated lighthouses in Australia. It was built in 1906, automated in 1976 and demanned in 1977.

Lighthouse stamps Australia 2015

Title: Lighthouse stamps Australia 2015
Date of Issue: 7 July 2015
Country: Australia
Denominations: 70¢ x 4

Source: Australia Post

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