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Lighthouses Germany

Lighthouses Germany
German post issued special postage stamps bearing the lighthouse motif “Arngast” and “Dahmeshöved” are part of the series as “beacons” which aims to raise awareness in no particular order on the diversity of German lighthouses.

“Lighthouse Arngast”
53 ° 28.881 ‘N | 08 ° 10.895’ E
In about 4.5 km away from South Beach is located in Wilhelmshaven Jadebusen Arngast the lighthouse. Since its commissioning in 1910, this maritime signpost is in continuous operation. The name dates back to the 17th Century by heavy floods destroyed the village Arngast back. Lighthouse keepers are on the tower have long ceased to operate: In the late 1960s displaced technical innovations, the three guards who had succeeded in 14-day shifts on Arngast.
The 36-meter-high lighthouse is part of the traffic safety system at the Jade. The white light of the fire has a range of 21.0 nautical miles (approximately 40 km). The Waterways and Shipping Administration Federal operates the tower, which was incorporated in 2003 in the list of cultural monuments / monuments.

“Lighthouse Dahmeshöved”
54 ° 12.107 ‘N | 11 ° 05.414’ E
Dahmeshöved the lighthouse was built in the years 1878 and 1879 increased on a spit of land (“Hövede”) at the Bay of Lübeck in Schleswig-Holstein and 1 Put into operation in February 1880. The octagonal lighthouse is built of red brick and has a round iron lantern. The building has a height of approx. 29 m. Due to its location, a few meters above sea level, is the mounting height with rd. 34 m above sea level is slightly larger than the building height. The white light has a range of 23 nautical miles (approx. 43 km). The lighthouse is a listed building and Dahmeshöved since 1 January 2003 for the public. It is operated by the Water and Shipping Administration, the federal government. The municipality has set up in the tower Dahme a branch of their professional duties.

Title: Lighthouses Germany
Date of Issue: 7 July 2011
Country: Germany
Denominations: 0,55 Euro, 0,90 Euro

Source: www.philatelie.deutschepost.de

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