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Local Government Law Enforcement

Japan Post Service Co. will issue a set of stamps “Local Government Law Enforcement Series 60 Anniversary of Nara Prefecture”.

(1) Tadashi capital and cherry and Kemari Heij
Chinami year 1300, remains a symbol of the prosperity Heijo historic Nara Period (Youkyuuseki soldier) in Nara Prefecture and Nara prefectural flower Tadashi???the primary center of the building double cherry (and the cherry tree bearing was), and are designed and configured with a ball Kemari tradition dating from the Nara period.

* Has been designated as special national historic ruins Heijo. Also, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara” one of.
* Tadashi???First Emperor’s reign, the central building of the Emperor??Heijo to the nation during the ceremony and New Year’s. Restoration is currently under construction, 2010 to be completed.

(2) Moran and Hasedera
686 years for Tenmu beginning and that is enshrined in Oka, west of the copper phase diagram of the Tao Hokke Buddhist theory.
Two lanterns are hung on both sides of the aisle that every registration between approximately 7000 and the spring can be seen in the shares of the peony flower.

(3) Hall
light party hall and main hall of the hexagon is floating in a pond heron???of Nara Park, is illuminated at night. (lit up the hall, the year round, sunset to 22 pm)
Light party is a fantastic showcase event of the night lights of Nara.
Nara Park one area spread to seven of bloom lighting 20,000 candles more than beautiful.

(4) Japan’s smallest outdoor pagoda pagoda standing Muro (National Treasure) (height 16m) is.
The 1998 Pacific typhoon season has been significantly damaged and is currently being repaired.

(5) Yoshino cherry
From early September through mid-April the cherry blossoms are said to be Kimasu 3 million.
Yoshino cherry is closely tied to religion and mountains, has been protected as a cherry faith.


Title: Local Government Law Enforcement
Date of Issue: 8 February 2010
Country: Japan
Denominations: 80 Yen x 5

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