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Low German half-timbered building

Germany post issued a postage stamp featuring old Low German half-timbered building.

The farmhouse, built in 1734 in Rundlingsdorf Dünsche (community Trebel, Hanoverian Wendland) is one of the richest jewelry rural timber-framed buildings in Lower Saxony.

The hall-house in three-column design, which combines residential and business under one roof applies to the village square, his most representative business gable.

He impressed by the lively play of his form truss structure, which covers a triangular or diamond-shaped pattern virtually its entire surface and is accented by ornate Zierausmauerung with bricks. The upper part of the gable protrudes twice over profiled cleats and carries at the top of an ornate gable pole.

Title: Low German half-timbered building
Date of Issue: 7 October 2010
Country: Germany
Denominations: 0.55 €

Source: www.deutschepost.de

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