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Malta - Russia Joint stamps issue

Malta – Russia Joint stamps issue celebrating long-standing relationship

MaltaPost and Russian Post will celebrate their respective countries’ long-standing relations by a Malta – Russia Joint stamps issue.

The two nations enjoy diplomatic representation with a Maltese embassy in Moscow and an embassy of Russia in San Gwann as well as a cultural centre in Valletta.

The common theme chosen for this stamp issue relates to two paintings by Russian artist Nicholas Krassnoff.

Malta – Russia Joint stamps issue

Russia - Malta Joint stamps issue

Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Malta was established July 19, 1967, Malta officially recognized Russia as a successor state of the USSR.

The countries maintain political contacts, conducted parliamentary dialogue, developed bilateral documents.

Russia - Malta Joint stamps issue

# Dulber Palace in Crimea

The stamp depicts the Dulber Palace in Crimea, which is considered an architectural gem of Ukraine.

It’s fabulous snow-white asymmetric structure with silver cupolas and elegant turrets noticeably stand out against a background of the Crimean mountains.

The design of the palace is based on sketches by Prince Nikolayevich who, due to poor health, often travelled to the Middle East upon doctors’ advice.

He was inspired by the architecture he encountered on his travels and collected sketches of them in a scrapbook.

The painting on this stamp can be found in the Yalta Historical and Literature Museum.

Malta - Russia Joint stamps issue

# View from Vittoriosa Gate

The painting on the stamp entitled ‘View from Vittoriosa Gate‘, presents an idyllic view of the Birgu waterfront which also serves as a pathway to the ancient Fort St. Angelo.

Birgu is a very old locality with its origins reaching back to medieval times.

Prior to the establishment of Valletta as capital city of Malta, military powers seeking to rule the Maltese Islands would need to obtain control of Birgu due to its significant position in the Grand Harbour.

The gate in this painting was built during the British occupation in Malta so as to provide access to St. Angelo and the church.

The painting also features two women in Malta’s traditional costume – the Ghonnella or Faldetta.

Russia - Malta Joint stamps issue

# About artist Nicholas Krasnoff

Born in 1869, Nicholas Krasnoff was a painter, an architect and an author of many Yalta cultural objects.

In 1920-1922, he lived in Malta where he took up watercolour painting and graphic art.

He studied at the St. Petersburg Academy and became President of the Moscow Chamber of Architects.

Krassnoff came to Malta as a refugee in 1919.

Princess Nathalie Poutiatine, a member of the Russian royal family wrote of him as a ‘well-known’ and ‘talented artist’.

He gave her art lessons and taught her the importance of light and shade as well as techniques in watercolour.

The Princess was in Malta after marrying Edgar Tabone.

Nicholas Krasnoff died in 1947 at the age of 78.

Malta - Russia Joint stamps issue

Title: Malta – Russia Joint stamps issue
Date of Issue: 24 May 2016
Country: Malta / Russia
Denominations: €1 x 2 / 21 p x 2

Source: Malta Philately / Russia Stamps

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