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Manx Buses public transport stamps Isle of Man

Manx Buses public transport stamps

IOM post issued colourful collection of six stamps to showcase a selection of the public transport Manx Buses.

The Manx Buses entered service on the Isle of Man in the 1930s and 40s, some of which remained in service until the 1970s.

All Aboard Please! Manx Buses stamp images are specially-commissioned from Isle of Man world renowned automotive history artist Peter Hearsey.

Manx Buses public transport

The stamps feature Manx buses from both the Douglas Corporation and Road Services fleets and 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of their amalgamation to form Isle of Man National Transport.

Manx Buses public transport stamps Isle of Man
Image Source IOM Post

Douglas Corporation Transport yellow buses feature on the 44p, 93p and 186p stamps. The Leyland Cub KPZI is illustrated on the 44p stamp outside the now demolished Omnibus Depot, the 93p shows the Daimler CWA6 stamp outside Douglas Railway Station and the 186p stamp sees the AEC Regent 1 on Prospect Hill, Douglas.

Also featured are the red Isle of Man Road Services buses on the 60p, 77p and 147p. The 60p stamp depicts the Leyland/MCW Olympic HR40 leaving Ballasalla, the 77p has the Leyland Tiger PS1 parked outside Ramsey Bus Station and illustrated outside Ramsey Town Hall is the Leyland Titan PDI on the 147p.

From 1914 onwards, Douglas Corporation began bus operation in the island’s capital, and from then until 1976 a total of 118 buses were bought, almost all of them being purchased new.

In later years the borough as to become synonymous with its fleet of magnificent yellow and red AEC Regents, of which 42 were bought between 1933 and 1968.

After that came some secondhand Tiger Cubs and finally four Bedfords, before the fleet was merged with its larger neighbour, Isle of Man Road Services.

IoMRS buses were typically red painted Leylands, including Titans, Nationals, Leopards, Tiger Cubs, Olympics and Royal Tigers. The new fleet was known as Isle of Man National Transport, and soon the red paint spread to the former DCT buses.

The two companies operated services independently and used the bus station on Lord Street in Douglas as their base.

The bus service was nationalised in 1976 and the buses carried National Transport logos and a new livery, predominantly of red with white trim.

Title: Manx Buses public transport stamps
Date of Issue: 15 July 2015
Country: Isle of Man
Denominations: 44p, 60p, 77p, 93p, 147p, 186p

Source: IOM post

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