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Mariehamn 150 years – Aland

Mariehamn 150 years
Åland Post celebrates the anniversary by issuing a miniature sheet featuring Empress Maria Alexandrovna as well as part of the first town plan for Mariehamn. The issue is a joint issue with the Russian Post.

In 1859, Tsar Alexander II of Russia recommended that a town be established in Åland close to the Svibyviken bay. Two years later, he issued a charter of foundation and the town was named after Empress Maria Alexandrovna. Maria Alexandrovna was born in 1824 in Darmstadt, Germany, and Empress Consort of Tsar Alexander II of Russia from 1855 until her death in 1880. Mariehamn was founded around the village of Övernäs in the parish of Jomala. County architect Georg Theodor von Chiewitz prepared a four-part town plan with grid-based street network.

Title: Mariehamn 150 years – Aland
Date of Issue: 21 February 2011
Country: Aland
Denominations: €1.00

Source: www.posten.ax

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