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Mary Ward-Loreto Institutions

Mary ward-Loreto Institutions IndiaIndia post issued a postage stamp featuring Maryward-Loreto Institutions. Loreto College – Kolkata was established in 1912 by the Religious of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (I.B.V.M.). The order was founded by MARY WARD (1585-1645), a dynamic English Catholic lady, in an age when Catholics were persecuted in England.

Europe was torn by religious dissension and women’s rights were generally ignored. A determined visionary, she managed, with the help of some devoted companions, to set up schools for young women.

Mary Ward, an intrepid Yorkshire woman, was born in 1585, into an England ravaged by religious war where attendance at Mass was considered an offence against the state and the harbouring of priests was treason punishable by death.
As a young woman, Mary followed her desire for religious life and joined a Poor Clare community in St Omer in Flanders (now northern France).

Title: Mary Ward-Loreto Institutions
Date of Issue: 2 February 2011
Country: India
Denominations: 500p


  1. A very beautiful commemoration and commemorative. How does one go about getting some of these stamps?


  2. I never knew of this woman. How interesting her life story must be. It’s great to commemorate her with a stamp issue!

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