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Mediterranean boats Portugal

Mediterranean boats Portugal

Portugal post issued a set of stamps and a souvenir sheet featuring Mediterranean boats of Portugal.

The stamp features the traditional Portuguese boats Calao, Canoa do Alto, Canoa da Picada and Galleon.

The stamps are a part of common issue of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean featuring the logo of EUROMED POSTAL, which indicates cooperation between the Postal Union for the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean boats Portugal

Boats travelling from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, strongly influenced the shipping industries of Portugal. The portugese boats adopt two distinct techniques: Nordic clinker planking and Mediterranean smooth planking.

The Nordic style boats prevails in the north-western rivers and Mediterranean style boats dominated the South along the coasts.

Calao bear traces from ancient Phoenician and Greek vessels, mostly in their bow decoration. Calao features raised piece of horn shaped bow and propelled by oars or sails.

It is used to assist larger ships engaged in deep sea fishing namely tuna fishing and transporting fish to the shore.

Canoa do Alto and Canoa da picada are the sea going boats widely used by Royal house.

The Canoa da picada carried salted sardines to the port of Lisbon.

The Galleon was introduced to the Algarve from Andalusia, to sail the high seas. The boat was soon replaced with steam version and since then reconverted to be used in transport of salt.

Mediterranean boats Portugal

PUMed established on 15 March 2011, currently includes 20 postal operators across the Mediterranean region.

The members are namely Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Monaco, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey.

The creation of PUMed marks the Mediterranean region as a political, economic and social area.

Faced with an ever-changing postal industry, members within PUMed have come together so as to develop projects that will help each postal operator keep up with the challenges of the market.

Mediterranean boats Portugal

Title: Mediterranean boats Portugal
Date of Issue: 9 July 2015
Country: Portugal
Denominations: € 0.45, € 0.72, € 0.80 and € 1.80

Source: Portugal Post

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