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Model T Ford Register – 50th Anniversary

With specially-commissioned images from local motor sport artist Peter Hearsey, IOM post issued a set of six postage stamps featuring the once ubiquitous Model T in its many guises.

The Model T Ford Register of Great Britain is dedicated to providing its members with rallies, new and used spares supplies, technical advice, historical research and social events involving Model T Fords.

Our issue is timed to coincide with the 50th Anniversary Tour when the Isle of Man branch of the club will host the event.

Title: Model T Ford Register – 50th Anniversary
Date of Issue: 7 May 2010
Country: Isle of Man
Denominations: 35p, 36p, 60p, 74p, 97p, 172p

Source: www.iompost.com

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  1. I live in Southern Illinois, USA, and was wondering if I could acquire this set of stamps for my own collection. Any word on how a person like me can go about getting this beautiful set of stamps?

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