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Modern Art in Austria – Helmut Kand

Austria post issues a new commemorative stamp of cheerful and colourful continuation of the popular “Modern Art in Austria” series. The new stamp depicts a painting by Helmut Kand, a poetic Surrealist or, as the “Münchner Abendzeitung” once put it, “a man who makes the impossible plausible”.

Prof. Helmut Kand spent his childhood in Styria “in an art-loving house” and studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Albert Paris Gütersloh and Rudolf Hausner.

Title: Modern Art in Austria – Helmut Kand
Date of Issue: 10 February 2010
Country: Austria
Denominations: 0.55 EUR

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  1. This is beautiful! I make jewelry out of stamps and this stamp would make a lovely modern piece 🙂

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