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Motorbikes – Apfelbeck

Motorbikes - ApfelbeckJust two years after releasing the R100, the first KTM motorbike, the Mattighofen based company launched itself in the image-conscious sport of road racing in 1955.
At that time four-stroke engines were a much more promising basis for success in constructing a racing machine than the robust two-stroke engines of the endurance sport (nowadays called “Endurosport”) as used by KTM in their production models.

However, since the KTM range did not include any four-stroke engines, two production racing bikes from MV Agusta had to act as organ donors. The 125-cc Italian engines were built into a KTM chassis with a leading link fork, the so-called Earles Fork, in order to carry out the first tests.

Title: Motorbikes – Apfelbeck
Date of Issue: 15 March 2011
Country: Austria
Denominations: 0.75 EUR

Source: www.post.at

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