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Municipal arms of Khoiniki

The Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Belarus issued a stamp “Municipal arms of Khoiniki” from the series “Municipal arms of Belarus towns”.

A municipal arms of Kobrin represents the image of a Spanish shield divided by a flame like line into 2 parts — green and silver. On the green ground there is a gold castle. The flame like line and green colour resemble a fir tree from which the name of the town comes.

In this region there are many coniferous forests. A castle of gold colour is a resemblance of the castle built by princes Vishnevetskies in XVII century that is not remained.

The modern municipal arms of Khoiniki is registered in the Heraldic matriculation of the Republic of Belarus on August 14, 2001 under ? 65.

Title: Municipal arms of Khoiniki
Date of Issue: 5 September 2010
Country: Belarus
Denominations: 900 BYR

Source: www.belpost.by

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