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Must-Visit Tourist Destinations for Koreans - I

Must-Visit Tourist Destinations for Koreans – I

More people travel than ever before, and they are naturally searching for hidden historic treasures and beautiful scenes all over Korea.

Through collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Post is issuing a series of postage stamps that introduce must-visit travel destinations for Koreans.

The first set of the series will feature four tourist destinations particularly known for exquisite waterside views.

Located in Yangpyeong-gun of Gyeonggi-do Province, Yangpyeong Dumulmeori (meaning “confluence”) is where the Namhangang and Bukhangang Rivers meet to form the Hangang River. In Chinese, it is pronounced Yangsuri. The fog rising above the rivers in the early hours of spring and autumn days and the weeping willows along the river banks create breathtaking sights that have been featured in many television dramas and films. Yangpyeong Dumulmeori is also well known as the best spot for photographers.

In Goesan, Chungcheongbuk-do Province is Goesan Hwayang Gugok, nine beautiful sights along the 3 kilometer-long Hwayangcheon Stream flowing through Songnisan National Park. Hwayang Gugok was named during the Joseon period by the great scholar Uam Song Si-yeol, who admired the Nine Bend River of Mt. Wuyi in China (pronounced “Mui gugok” in Korean). Following the gentle slopes of the walking trail, visitors can find the nine magnificent views of uniquely-formed rocks and boulders, each creating a mysterious yet peaceful feeling.

One of the top natural tourist attractions of Yeongwol, the Yeongwol Donggang River flows through Jeongseon-gun and Yeongwol-eup of Gangwondo Province. It twists and turns many times along the valleys of the mountains, and there are countless rocky cliffs and breathtaking views along the way. Among them, Eorayeon Valley is renowned for an island of beautiful rock formations and lush green pine forests. The view of the valley seen from Jatbong Peak is one of the most magnificent sights of the Donggang River. The natural environment is well preserved and is an ecological treasure house inhabited by a wide variety of native species, including rare animals and plants.

Chungjuho Lake, one of the largest lakes in Korea, is a multi-purpose reservoir. The lake attracts visitors year round as it is close to many tourist destinations, including Woraksan National Park, Songgye Valley, Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex, Danyang Palgyeong (“8 wonders”), and Guinsa Temple. There are five ferry docks on Chungjuho Lake, and visitors can take a ferry to enjoy the charming atmosphere and beautiful scenes of the lakeshore.

Title: Must-Visit Tourist Destinations for Koreans – I
Date of Issue: 3 June 2015
Country: Korea
Denominations: KRW 300

Source: http://www.koreapost.go.kr/

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