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National Children’s Day

Thai post issued a set of postage stamps illustrating comic-style characters of a famous Thai traditional literature titled “Sang Thong” 3.00 Baht.

(Design 1) : Illustrating the young age scene of Phra Sang 3.00 Baht
(Design 2) : Illustrating Chao Ngo (the disguised version of Phra Sang while wearing a mask of an ugly ogre) and Nang Rotchana 3.00 Baht
(Design 3) : Illustrating Phra Sang taking off the ogre figure to reveal his true handsome body 3.00 Baht
(Design 4) : Illustrating Phra Sang as a polo player in the traditional polo scene

Title: National Children’s Day
Date of Issue: 9 January 2010
Country: Thailand
Denominations: 3 Bhat x 4

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