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National Stamp Exhibition “ Pakistan 2009 “

The Stamp Society of Pakistan with the collaboration of Dawn Group, Pakistan Post, and under patronage of Philatelic Federation of Pakistan organized a National Stamps Exhibition-“Pakistan 2009” from 20-22 November, 2009 at Expo Centre, Karachi. This was largely attended on all three days and the 110 Frames exhibition attracted crowed of all ages. We congratulate Mr. Iqbal Nanjee President SSOP for holding this excellent Exhibition.

The Classes in the Exhibition were Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationary, Aero philately, Thematic, Revenue, Youth and Literature. Collectors all over the country participated in the exhibition. The prominent philatelist who visited the exhibition were Mr.Imtaiz Hussain Rizvi, Nawaz Siddiqui ,Muhammad Asghar and Allah uddin from Peshawar, Usman Ali Issani & Col. Nasir Hussain from Rawalpindi, Akhtar ul Islam Siddiqui from Faisalabad, Muhammad Ali Ajmeri from Sukkur ,Imtiaz Hussain Subzwari, Jamil Ahmad, Muhammad Sajjid and Azhar Iqbal from Lahore and many collectors from Karachi.

A beautiful and informative Broacher was published on this Occasion. It consist of articles i.e. Stamp Collecting by Khalid Malik, Young At art by Adil Salah uddin, Stamp Collector Benazir Bhutto Assassinated by Petter Jennings, Pre Independence Postal Markings By Rafiq Kasbati & Ottoman Post The Empire issue by Iqbal Nanjee, The Arms Issue by Afzal Nanjee, Bho[pal Puzzle by Iqbal Nanjee and Shahid Zaki.

The jury who decided the awards comprised of Mr.Imtiaz Hussain Rizvi Chairman, Mr.Akhtar ul Islam Siddiqui, Col. Nasir Hussain, Mr.Rafiq Kasbati & Nawaz Siddiqui.

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Report submitted by Akhtar ul Islam Siddiqui from Pakistan.

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