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NATO Summit Warsaw 2016 postage stamp
Polish Post SA (c) 2016.

NATO Summit Warsaw 2016 postage stamp

Polish post issued a postage stamp commemorating NATO Summit Warsaw 2016 to held at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland, on 8 and 9 July 2016.

Moreover, this summit is going to be a big event – not only in terms of politics and logistics but also for the media.

The stamp shows the beautiful view of the historic city Warsaw and the side pane features the summit logo.

NATO Summit Warsaw 2016

The 2016 Warsaw Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a meeting of the heads of state and heads of government of the NATO.

Warsaw will host foreign and defence ministers of 28 NATO member and partner states, 2,500 delegates altogether, and close to 1,500 media staff.

The Summit comes at a crucial time for the Alliance, as the tectonic plates of Euro-Atlantic security have shifted both in the East and the South.

NATO Summit Warsaw 2016 postage stamp
Polish Post SA (c) 2016.

Poland has been a staunch Ally since it joined in 1999, as part of the historic enlargement that helped heal the division across Europe.

Poland is committed to strong defense and makes a vital contribution to Allied solidarity.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and NATO Secretary General unveiled the logo for the NATO Summit Warsaw in the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The logo’s symbolism evokes ancient Nike, Roman Victoria, and the coat of arms of heroic Warsaw.

Title: NATO Summit Warsaw 2016
Date of Issue: 24 June 2016
Country: Poland
Denominations: 5 zl

Source: Poland Stamps

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