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Nature Protection – Muranska Plain

Slovakia post issued a set of stamps in the Nature protection series featuring Daphne Arbuscula and Primerose (Primula Auricula).

The genus Daphne includes around 50 species which are located in Europe, northern Africa and the subtropical zone of Asia. Leonard Fuchs in the 16th century stated the first professional term for this genus Daphne, originating in Greek, meaning Daphne laureola because the Daphne leaves remind of the shape of Spurge-laurel. There are three species of this genus in Slovakia. The most precious of them is Daphne arbuscula. This endemic species in its occurrence is connected to the mountain range of Muránska plain in Western Carpathians and it may not be found anywhere else in the world.

There are around 400 types in the Primula genus blooming in spring, which is also reflected in the scientific genus name – Primula, which in Latin shall mean early, or the first. This name for the genus was first time used in the botanical scripts already in the 14th century. Primula can be found by swamps and wetlands as well as in the alpine areas. The representatives of the genus are spread mainly in the northern hemisphere where almost half of the species originated in the Himalayas. There are seven species of this genus in Slovakia.

Title: Nature Protection – Muranska Plain
Date of Issue: 15 October 2010
Country: Slovakia
Denominations: 0.80 € x 2

Source: www.pofis.sk

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  1. Not cheap at all – for set and m/s collectors will need 4.80 euro – postage will be minimum 4.00 e – that will have impact!

    In principle – nice design, just I don’t know what was need for wolf and bear to include it in m/s – in the end this is “Flora” topic – where You can include also fauna items that are connected to main flower – but wolf and bear hardly have any connection with this flowers – probably because overall picture.

    best regards

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