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Nature Reserves in Liechtenstein – I

Nature Reserves in Liechtenstein – I

Stamps were issued by Liechtenstein post showing Nature Reserves in Liechtenstein.

Two images of the Liechtenstein photographer Marco Nescher were selected from the entries for the first special stamps – one pond and one wet meadow in the nature reserve of Schwabbrünnen. The two panoramic views were both divided in the middle to produce four stamps at a value of CHF 1.00 each.

From a botanical and faunistic view, the Schwabbrünnen/Äscher nature reserve is an important low-moor bog with unique habitats for rare animal populations and plant communities. Ponds, springs, sintered surfaces, streams and ditches, forest areas and slurry collections increase the diversity of biotopes and ecological niches.

The area that has been protected as a nature reserve since 1962 is a paradise for white-clawed crayfish, water scorpion and dragonflies and is home to numerous amphibians and reptiles as well as grey herons, kingfishers and little grebe. Plant lovers will find botanic jewels such as bog orchids, adder’s tongue ferns or Siberian iris in Schwabbrünnen.

Nature reserves are regions and parts of the landscape that require special protection. They ensure the preservation of biological communities and habitats of endangered species of animals and plants. An area might also be given protected status for reasons concerning natural or cultural history or due to its ecological function.

Last but not least, these parts of the landscape are worthy of protection also on account of their rarity or outstanding beauty. Liechtenstein has ten such areas totalling around 176 hectares.

Nature Reserves in Liechtenstein – I

Title: Nature Reserves in Liechtenstein – I
Date of Issue: 1 June 2015
Country: Liechtenstein
Denominations: CHF 1.00 x 4

Source: www.philatelie.li

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