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Nature Reserves of Spain II

Spanish post issued three stamps of Nature Reserves of Spain featuring National Park of Ordesa and Monteperdido, Teide National Park and Sanabria Lake Nature Reserve.

The National Park of Ordesa and Monteperdido covers an area of 15 608 hectares in the province of Huesca, where the mountain ranges of over 3,300 meters contrast with the valleys at the foot of high mountains such as Ordesa, Añisclo, Escuaín and Pineta. This geological diversity results in a variation of landscapes and vegetation: from extreme dryness in the highlands to lush and abundant vegetation in the valleys. The endemic species include the honeysuckle of the Pyrenees and the king’s crown; beech, fir and pine trees in the forest and willows and ash along the riverbanks. Regarding the fauna there are plenty of Aragon chamois, prairie dogs, vultures and the imperial eagles. Within the endangered species there are bearded vultures and grouse.

In the centre of the island of Tenerife and with a surface area of 18,990 hectares is the Teide National Park. The protected area consists of a large volcano crater surrounded by volcanic cones, lava flows and the characteristic volcanic plugs. The climate is characterized by low humidity throughout the year and low rainfall, and it is the only subtropical mountain in Europe. Depending on the time of year, the Teide can be snowy in winter, blooming in spring or arid and dry in summer. Amongst the most representative plant species are the Teide broom, the laburnum, the violet of the Teide and the towers of jewels up to 3 m. high of tiny bright red flowers. The fauna includes the blue chaffinch, common kestrel, canaries, the Tenerife lizard and different varieties of bats.

The Sanabria Lake Nature Reserve is located in the province of Zamora and is the largest glacial lake in the peninsula. The park includes the lake, the mountainous area of Sierra Segundera and Sierra Cabrera and 29 towns. Crossed by the river Tera, it has a rugged relief produced by ice erosion, with gullies and lagoons. In the mountain tops heather grows and around the lake thrive the Pyrenean oak, holly and yew. Amongst the fauna there are wolves, beech marten, otter, wild boar, golden eagles, and peregrine falcon. It was declared a Site of Nature Interest in 1946 and in 1978 was reclassified as a Natural Park.

Title: Nature Reserves of Spain
Date of Issue: 15 September 2010
Country: Spain
Denominations: 0,45 €

Source: www.correos.es

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