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New Year’s Greeting – Rabbit Year

Chunghwa Post issued a set of two New Year’s Greeting Postage Stamps and a souvenir sheet to welcome the year of the Rabbit.

The designs find inspiration in modern art styles, such as action painting and pop art. The motif rabbits are depicted using black silhouettes that are adorned with orange and purple paint splatters, which create lively compositions.

The backgrounds, which are yellow with random red splatters, cleverly make use of traditional Chinese ink-wash effects. The bright colors symbolize joy and convey high expectations about the Year of the Rabbit. The designs are described below:

1. NT$3.50 Stamp: This pair of rabbits conveys the idea of “the treasuring of each other” and symbolizes a year of abundance.
2. NT$13.00 Stamp: Featuring a rabbit looking off into the distance, this image represents “achieving success in all one’s endeavors.”
3. NT$12.00 Souvenir Sheet: This image of a hopping rabbit represents the idea of “surpassing oneself” and “bounding toward a future of personal transcendence.”

Title: New Year’s Greeting – Rabbit Year
Date of Issue: 1 December 2010
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$3.50, NT$13.00

Source: www.post.gov.tw

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