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New Year 2011 – Fireworks

Thailand post issued a set of four stamps shoeing fireworks,a symbols of celebration at important events, as a part on New Year 2011.

Fire crackers and fireworks are symbols of celebration at important events; for example, New Year’s Day or Loy Krathong Day, have luminious explosives, which when fired into the dark sky, through the colourful and luminating combustion of flammable substances gives a sensational display of lights in the night. They are able to add colour as well as joy and fun to the celebratory ambience.

It is believed that the Chinese created fireworks before they were taken to other countries. They were then modified to be used as gunpowder. Displays of fireworks have been developed to create more exciting effects for entertainment purposes and for contests.

Title: New Year 2011 – Fireworks
Date of Issue: 15 November 2010
Country: Thailand
Denominations: 3 Baht x 4

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  1. This is simply beautiful!

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