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New Year – Croatia

Croatia post issued a stamp with a theme “The Magic Tree” to celebrate the coming new year.

With New Year everything goes back to the beginning. Everything becomes possible again, as if the white snow deleted all the errors of the world offering a new page to joyful colours. That is, of course, how the children see it. That is why the New Year belongs to them and that is why the Croatian Post leaves to them that small white surface of the stamp– which itself however reaches very far – to fill it up with their lines and colours, their wishes and messages.

The grown-ups always give kids tasks, make proposals and evaluate. This is not entirely bad, since the frame is necessary for freedom to develop. So, this small white stamp surface is a big New Year’s homework. The theme is provided for this homework that all Croatian kids know and understand very well, the theme that will be transmitted to all other kids and grown-up kids in the whole world. This homework refers, naturally, to a winter image.

The repertoire of winter images is not the same everywhere: somewhere snow is a normal occurrence, somewhere it scarcely ever occurs. However, our experience does not rely only on the real world; the screens, window-shops, posters, all kind of picture messages make our concepts almost typified in the same way as they make also our experience of year seasons typified.

This year’s theme is “The Magic Tree”. Each tree is already a magic in itself. The one evergreen, persistent and dark; the other deciduous, with soft buds in spring, thick greenness giving protective shade in summer, like an exposition of all kinds of sunny colours in autumn, like a lattice of lines permissive for the last light and warmness in winter– tree is a traffic light of year’s seasons. It speaks about change and recurrence, competes from the earliest age with our growth, it shows us often from distance where our home is and itself makes a home to many lively, especially winged and chirping beings.

Title: New Year – Croatia
Date of Issue: 6 December 2010
Country: Croatia
Denominations: 1,6 kn

Source: www.posta.hr

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