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Non Value Indicators

Jersey Post will introduce a set of three new Non Value Indicator self-adhesive stamps offering a choice of service to its customers.

A new local Standard Service offers a three day delivery whilst the Priority Letter Service offers a next day delivery within the Island. A third stamp, for use on letters to the other Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom completes the set.

The stamps were designed to be instantly recognizable as being from Jersey, to include a little of Jersey’s proud heritage by using the ‘leopardised’ lions from the Crest of Jersey and for each stamp to be easily distinguishable from the other. Although the basic image is the same on each stamp, the Standard Letter is predominantly pillar box red, the Priority Service is royal blue, and the UK Letter is British racing green.

Title: Jersey Archaeology – Non Value Indicators
Date of Issue: 1 November 2010
Country: Jersey
Denominations: Non Value

Source: www.jerseypost.com

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