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Norden 2016 stamps Faroe Islands
Image Source Faroese Post

Norden 2016 stamps celebrating Nordic cuisine

Nordic cuisine is the theme of the Norden 2016 stamps, the joint Nordic stamp issue this year dedicated to Nordic food and termed as the “Nordic kitchen”.

The eight Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Aland, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland issued beautiful stamps featuring their best local food culture.

Norden 2016 stamps – Nordic Food Culture

Faroese food culture

The Faroese contribution to Norden 2016 stamps issue depicts some of the traditional Faroese specialties which are stored in the so-called “hjallur”.

This is the Faroese variant of the pantry, a drying shed ventilated by the wind all year round. Hjallurin serves both as cold storage and a setting for various forms of food preservation.

The location of the Faroe Islands in the middle of the North Atlantic has always had a crucial impact on food preservation and thus for the Faroese kitchen.

Norden 2016 stamps Faroe Islands
Image Source Faroese Post

For centuries the grassy treeless landscape has not been conducive to highly advanced agriculture. Grain cultivation was difficult – it is said that on average grain harvest failed every three years.

To a certain extent the Faroese have always been dependent on grain imports, and in the former half of the 20th century the hope of grain cultivation was finally abandoned.

Instead, potatoes were a solid crop after its introduction in the early 19th century. Along with sporadic cultivation of beets and imported grain, the potato became a basic staple in the Faroese kitchen.

On the stamp‘s left hand side four hares have been hung up for curing. The hare is the only land mammal hunted by the Faroese. It was introduced in the middle of the 19th century, with its hunting in mind – and hares can now be found on most islands.

The hare‘s reproductive cycle makes it suitable for hunting. They breed three times a year – and it is estimated that each year approximately 7,000 hares are shot.

Norden 2016 stamps Faroe Islands
Image Source Faroese Post

The wind-dried strips depicted on the stamp are eaten with whale blubber, which has either been dried or pickle salted –recognized, moreover, as a delicacy.

The stamp also depicts “greipur”, which consists of wind-dried fish. Fishes are tied together in pairs, called “greipa“, and then hung up in „hjallurin“ for drying. At first a certain maturation and fermentation of the fish takes place, lending it a strong flavour.

Date of Issue: 26 April 2016
Denominations: DKK 9,00

Source: Faroe Islands Stamps

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