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Nordic Coastlines – Danmark

The postal services of the Nordic countries are jointly issuing a three-part stamp series entitled Nordic Coastlines. All eight Nordic countries will be issuing stamps and mini sheets in this series during 2010, 2012 and 2014. The theme of the first part is “Life by the coast”.

The DKK 5.50 stamp shows the ship MAAS VIKING, photographed at the fitting-out quay at Lindø Shipyard. The ship, designed to carry wheeled cargo such as cars, truck trailers and railway trucks, was delivered in May 2009 to a British shipping company.

The DKK 5.50 stamp depicts a crane grab used by the port’s quayside cranes to unload animal feed. The tall building is an animal feed warehouse belonging to a local bulk goods company. The grey building on the left is a warehouse, originally a salt store, but now used for various other products.

Title: Nordic Coastlines
Date of Issue: 24 March 2010
Country: Danmark
Denominations: 5.50 DKK , 8,50 DKK

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