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Norwegian Lighthouses IV

Norwegian Lighthouses IV

Norway post issued a set of four postage stamps in the series “Lighthouses”. Kvitsoy Lighthouse, Rogaland Established in 1700, automated in 1969. Outside of Stavanger is a lighthouse that for more than 300 years has made it safer to sail into the city.

Work on the 18m tower in the wall that is depicted on the stamp was started in 1827. The lighthouse on the island of Kvitsoy first received electricity in 1939. The lighthouse is an important cultural monument in Kvitsoy Municipality.

Lindesnes Lighthouse, Vest-Agder
Established in 1655, automated in 2003. After a humble beginning in 1656 with thirty large tallow candles, the decision was made in 1723 to raise a lighthouse both at Lindesnes and a little further west on the island of Markøy. The result was two large coal-fired fires that would be visible from the water. Lindesnes Lighthouse is today a 16 m high cast iron tower that was built in 1915. In the summer of 2004 a cultural centre was blasted out of the mountain beside Lindesnes Lighthouse. Its opening marked the celebration of Lindesnes Lighthouse as the Thousand-Year Site in Vest-Agder County and the start of the project to turn the oldest lighthouse in the country into a national lighthouse museum.

Slatteroy Lighthouse, Hordaland
Established in 1859, automated in 2003. Slatteroy in Bomlo Municipality was built to improve the safety of the waterway into Bergen from the south. This tower, which is more than 25 m high ,is made of cast iron. During World War II, Slatteroy Lighthouse was a target of the Allied forces. One of the daughters of the lighthouse keeper died from the injuries she sustained during one of these attacks in 1940.

Kjeungskjaeret Lighthouse, Sor-Trondelag
Established in 1880, automated in 1987. Outside of orlandet, an octagonal tower of red brick rises up out of the sea. The lighthouse is actually standing on a tiny island at the edge of the Kjeungan Islands. This island is flooded during high tide, and it must have been quite a challenge for those building the tower in 1879. The first tower had three stories, and three meters were added in 1906.

Title: Norwegian Lighthouses IV
Date of Issue: 5 June 2015
Country: Norway
Denominations: A Europe x 4

Source: http://www.posten.no/

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