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latvian lighthouse stamp 2016

Oldest Latvian lighthouse stamp – Ovisi Lighthouse

Latvijas Pasts issued the eleventh stamp in the series of Latvian lighthouse stamp dedicated to the oldest lighthouse in Latvia, Ovisi Lighthouse.

The print run of the new stamp is 100,000 copies and its face value is € 0.90.

The face value corresponds to the cost of sending a regular Class A letter within the European Union.

Latvian lighthouse stamp

Ovisi Lighthouse is located on Cape Ovisi in Targale Parish, Ventspils Municipality, at a distance of 360 metres from the coastline of the Baltic Sea.

The lighthouse opened in 1814 is the oldest functioning lighthouse in Latvia today, which is also placed on the statutory list of protected cultural monuments.

The height of the stone masonry tower is 38 metres and its diameter is 11.5 metres.

Inside this tower there is another tower with a diameter of 3.5 metres.

The light beam can be seen from 15 nautical miles – 27.7 kilometers.

The light beam is longer than the longest city of Latvia Jurmala. The beam lights up once every 7.5 seconds.

At present the base of the lighthouse offers an exhibition devoted to the history of lighthouses in Latvia.

Latvijas Pasts has issued ten stamps dedicated to the lighthouses of Latvia, with most recent issue of Salacgriva Lighthouse (2015).

latvian lighthouse stamp 2016

Title: Oldest Latvian lighthouse stamp
Date of Issue: 7 October 2016
Country: Latvia
Denominations: € 0.90

Source: Latvian Stamp

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