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Olympic LONDON 2012 Stamps – Aruba

The concept on the stamps shows a pixel art background that helps to accentuate the black and white figures. Themes are inspired by the Olympic Games and iconic figures like the Olympic Torch and a remembrance of where it all began; Olympia.

The stamps can stand alone, separated by color, however, together they make a perfect combination. In general the design was inspired by the Olympic circles. The torch is derived from the body shape of a fleeting bird with flames bursting from the top.

The Olympic stamps features Track & Field; Hurdles, Olympic Torch, OLYMPIA: The place where it all began and Swimming.

Title: Olympic LONDON 2012 Stamps – Aruba
Date of Issue: 5 April 2012
Country: Aruba
Denominations: 500c x 4

Source: www.postaruba.com

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