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Opening of the Guangzhou Asian Games

China post issued stamps to commemorate the opening of the 16th Asian Games held at Guangzhou from 12 to 27 November 2010.

Stamp shows badminton, martial arts, athletics, equestrian, dragon boat and go.

Title: Opening of the Guangzhou Asian Games
Date of Issue: 10 November 2010
Country: China
Denominations: 4 x 1,20 yuan, 0,80 yuan, 3,00 yuan

Source: www.chinapost.com.cn


  1. i wish India Post isseud stamps on the CG 2010 like the chinese stamps on the Asian Games

  2. Sekhar Chakrabarti

    Yes, Mr.Seth the Chinese stamps are aesthetically beautiful.
    I’m afraid, such designs here in India would have been rejected outright by the block-heads in the Dept.of Posts. Occasionally, we do see some good designs but they are just exceptions and rare departures from the stereotypes. A case in point is the automobile Tyre-like stadia stamps of the CG-2010.

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