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Pratul Chandra Sorcar Sr. is known as the Father of Modern Indian Magic.He was attracted to magic at an early age.He initially learned magic from Shri Ganapati Chakravati. After passing the entrance examination in the first division, he graduated with honors in mathematics in the year 1933. He then took up magic as a profession.

He received many awards at home and abroad.He twice earned the Phoenix award in the United States. He also won the German Goldbar and the Golden Laurel Garland awards and the Dutch Tricks prize. In 1964 the Indian Govenment honoured him with Padmashri.

Sorcar died of a heart attack at the young age of 58 in Ashaikawa, Hokkaido, Japan, on January 6, 1971, where he was performing his Ind-dra-jal.

Title: P.C.Sorcar
Date of Issue: 23 February 2010
Country: India
Denominations: 500p

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  1. What a great stamp!

  2. Rolland Hagedorn


    I want this stamp! I also purchase Bollywood material. I’ve purchased souvenir sheet and stamp of famous vintage actor!

    All so… intriguing, simply put – “Unknown vast subject matter unknown by Westerners”

    Rolland Hagedorn

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