Saturday , September 30 2017

Christmas 2009 – Croatia

Hrvatska post issued a postage stamp to celebrate the joy and happines of the Christmas 2009. The motif shows wood craft of “Adoration of the Shepherds”. Christmas decorations, Advent wreaths and a red-and-green coalition of Christmas items fill the shops, …

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Croatian Mordern Painting

Hrvatska post issued a stamp of croatian mordern painting an art work of Zlatko Prica, who traveled across the world and won many awards for his art. ZLATKO PRICA (1916 – 2003) Equally skilled in several different mediums, oil, watercolours, …

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Malaysia post issued a set of four stamps featuring various spiders found in the country. The spiders are Fighting Spider, Curved Spiny Spider,  St Andrew’s Cross Spider,  Golden Orb-web Spider some of which are poisonous also.

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