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Painting in France – San Marino

Painting in France - San Marino
San Marino Post issued a stamps featuring the paintings of MONET, CÉZANNE, RENOIR. The exhibition consists of works that recount significant pages of the history of art in those marvellous years that made Paris and France a reference for the whole world. The historic centre of the Republic of San Marino is home to select paintings by great masters together with painters from the Salon.

The € 0.10 value is dedicated to the “Self Portrait with a Beret” by Cézanne. This is the last of his twenty-five self-portraits: he is wearing a Basque beret, used every day while he worked. And so this is really how he looked when painting.

Degas’ work, “Horse Racing at Longchamp” is reproduced on the € 0.50 stamp. The artist depicts the moments of suspended calm before the race to study horses and jockeys and arrange them in different combinations.

The € 0.85 value shows the “View from the Artist’s Window, Eragny” byPissarro. The artist painted various versions of the fields around his house seen from his windows, which allowed him to attain multiple views. The scene radiates a sensation of serenity.

On the € 1.00 stamp is “Flower Beds at Vétheuil” by Monet. The dense concentration of flowers is rendered by the artist with a succession of overlaid short brush-strokes in curls and commas that, taken altogether, bring to life the variegated blooms.

The extraordinary intimacy of the portrait, “Jacques Bergeret as a Child” byRenoir appears on the € 2.50 value. The painter accentuates the young boy’s utter unaffectedness and genuine spontaneity.

Title: Painting in France – San Marino
Date of Issue: 8 February 2011
Country: San Marino
Denominations: €0,10 – €0,50 – €0,85 – €1,00 – €2,50

Source: www.aasfn.sm

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