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Pecs 2010 – Cultural Capital of Europe

The Hungarian Post special stamps containing 25 traffic bélyegívet different issue placed on the PECS 2010 – Europe’s Capital of Culture event for the occasion. The official opening day display – “for domestic” stamp bearing – stamps the city’s sights seen.

Annually since 1985, now has a history of different European city (s) organized a large-scale cultural programs. January 2010 in three European cities, there is the cultural capital of Europe 2010: The Ruhr in Essen, Germany, the two sides of the Bosphorus in Istanbul and Pecs in southern Hungary.

The PECS 2010 arc thumbnails displayed motifs (left to right and from top to bottom): Jakováli Hassan mosques mill,
National Theater of Pécs MTA Barbican Hall,
Synagogue St. Francis of Assisi statue (George Velvet),
National Theater of Pécs Janus Pannonius fejszobra (Rétfalvi Alexander),
County Hall Postal Palace,
University of Pécs Basilica of the Holy Trinity statue (Kiss George)
Gazi Kasim Pasha mosques,
University Christian cemetery gate,
Cell Septichora Zsolnay fountain,
Library Klimó Csontváry statue (Jeno Kerenyi )
Zsolnay vase (Nicholas Sikorski) Reformed Church,
Tettye ruins of City Hall Lutheran Church,
Signal sculpture (Victor Vasarely).
The thumbnails of the surrounding towns ívszélen more images, motifs are shown.
The occasional envelope drawing of Pécs Jókai Square Zoltán Pál: navel of the Earth c. work can be seen. The occasional stamp depicting the sights of Pécs in the graphic drawing of a stylized montage.

Title: Pecs 2010 – Cultural Capital of Europe
Date of Issue: 10 January 2010
Country: Hungary

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  1. Very beautiful sheetlet! Elegantly done, depicting such exotic places of interest! Would love to go for this one, worth it all…

  2. My father, George Barsony is the sculptor who made the St Francis statue in his home town of Pecs, when he was 21 years old. He immigrated to Australia after the war.Even though the name Barsony does translate to Velvet, it would be best to keep his name as he is known. George Barsony is the creator of the Barsony Black lady Lamps, which are eagerly sought after by collectors around the world. He is now 93 and is quite frail. I would love to be able to purchase a copy of the stamps to give to him. How would I go about this?

    thank you

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